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About Us

The Center for Democratic Governance (CDG) is a pro-democracy, advocacy, research and organizational capacity development think tank institution that is legally registered with the Government of Liberia since 2015. The vision of the CDG is Liberia where policies and laws are responsive to the needs of citizens. In pursuit of this vision, the CDG has the following mission: to transform democratic and governance policies from a top-down approach to one that is reflective of citizens’ voices, views and perspectives.

The CDG does research work on a wide range of governance issues including land reform, accountability, electoral violence, electoral reforms, political transition, transitional justice and inclusive service delivery. The CDG uses the outcomes of its different research to develop policy briefs for advocacy targeting high level policy makers. The executive director is Atty. Oscar Bloh he has over 15 years of professional experience.

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  • Accountability and transparency in natural resource management and provision of social services;

  • Conducting evidence-based research on governance issues and using the outcomes to influence government policies;

  • Policy Advocacy: Conducting legal and policy analysis and using the outcome for policy advocacy.

  • Democracy and Political Transition: Election observation, electoral reform and monitoring political transition.

  • Institutional capacity building.

Our core program focus and competencies:
Core values: the CDG subscribes to the following core values:
  • Commitment: We commit to working for a more inclusive democratic culture in Liberia

  • Tolerance and respect for difference: We recognize the diversities in society and appreciate the differences

  • Non-partisan: Members of the institution do not align themselves to any political party or institution

  • Integrity: Resources for project work are responsibly managed.

  • Discipline: We manage our time wisely to remain effective and efficient.

  • 2016: Conducted national research on causes and consequences of violence against women and girls in Liberia with funding from IBIS-Liberia.

  • 2016: Conducted an assessment on the level of implementation of the Liberian Government’s commitment to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). The research was focused on the Good Governance and Democracy Pillar.

  • 2017: In partnership with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), conducted a research on what works to prevent electoral violence in Liberia.

Strategic Partnerships:
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