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Our Research

  • 2016: Conducted national research on causes and consequences of violence against women and girls in Liberia with funding from IBIS-Liberia.

  • 2016: Conducted an assessment on the level of implementation of the Liberian Government’s commitment to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). The research was focused on the Good Governance and Democracy Pillar.

  • 2017: In partnership with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), conducted a research on what works to prevent electoral violence in Liberia.

  • 2017: With Funding from OXFAM and IBIS, CDG conducted a research on Causes and Consequences of Violence Against Women (VAW) in Liberia.

  • 2018: The CDG serves as the organization leading civil society electoral reform agenda. 

  • 2019: With funding from OSIWA, the CDG is implementing a one year project on participation, decision-making in local governance processes and inclusive service delivery.

  • 2019: The CDG is the new national partner for Liberia to the Afrobarometer project that conducts empirical research on citizens’ perception of governance and democracy across Liberia.

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